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  Masonry services by Austin Yard Builder masonry contractor in Austin Texas offers, patio stone construction, flagstone installation, retaining wall, firepit, chimney, path ways, flower beds, masonry repairs, outdoor living area, outdoor kitchen, rock work, arbors, stone walls, concrete, flower beds, mulch, planting, xeriscape installation, yard clean up, drainage installation, cedar wood pergola, hardscape installation and designer.

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            Flagstone patio construction information 

There may be a lot of questions  before you start with a masonry flagstone patio construction, like how much it will cost? What kind of stone do I need? Where do I find a good masonry services contractor? Do I need design? There are a thousand questions that you may have and Austin Yard builder will be more then happy to help you in order to make everything easy, if you have any questions regarding mansonry construction service we have the answers.
It’s very easy to design a flagstone patio once you know all the information. The budget is a very important thing in the design process, because it’s better to design something that you would like, can afford, and is within your needs. We’ll give you options for how to build your masonry and flagstone patio within your budget.
Concrete patios are one of cheapest patios, but who would like a plain concrete patio. We can always add patio features like stone walls, pergola, fire pit, flagstone, grill, masonry and a chimney. Also if you want little more than just plain concrete patio we can always do stamp concrete and add color to it inorder to make it a nicer place . Limestone patios are very beautiful, there are two things you have to know if you pick limestone to build your flagstone patio, first thing is you will have to apply stone sealer every six months to keep it clean as new, my second advice is to mix limestone with sandstone or other kind of flagstone to bring color to it.
Oklahoma stone is one my favorites flagstones because it comes in different colors and textures, you can use it around pools, patios ,wall veneer and also water features. Although it will cost little more than limestone, if you build a flagstone patio with Oklahoma stone and add limestone walls with Oklahoma copping it will make it a very colorful patio.
Landscape is the final touch to make your patio a paradise, adding stone flower beds, pathways, trees and shrubs is the last thing to do in the backyard outdoor living space. Picking the right shrubs for you area will be our job, there is full variety of low maintenance Texas native plants to pick from.
Masonry fire pit is a very common thing to have in a backyard. Fire pits are fun for winter time, they can be build with brick, block, stone, stucco, and other materials that are not flammable, just make sure to use fire brick for the inside.
Xeriscape is one way to save water, Austin yard builder masonry services contractors has the ability to design and build xeriscape that will turn your yard in a nice area with lower maintenance.



Patio stone construction project

Patio Construction Project

we built a retaining wall and we pour concrete berore laying stone to prevent cracking problems

We built a retaining wall and poured Concrete before laying stone to prevent cracking problems.

working hard every day to finish on time

Working hard everyday to finish on time.

nice flagstone patio project done in Round Rock Texas

Nice flagstone patio project done in Round Rock, Texas



Stone sealer contractor recommendation

Don’t hassle with trying to clean your flagstone patio, installing stone sealer will help keep your flagstone patio as new. We recommend you to apply sealer every six months for better results. If you already have a patio with mold problems, you have to clean it very good with stone cleaning products.You can find them at The Home Depot or Lowes they keep these products in stock, after your done cleaning let it dry for at least a day and then apply the stone sealer. 

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