Patio Stone

  Austin patio stone backyard landscaping designers will help you to build flagstone patios that are a place to enjoy everyday with our families. Patio stone construction can be very difficult when you don’t know how to build it; however, we are here to help you.We will give you advice for your next outdoor living construction.

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Photo of Austin Yard Builder Masonry Contractor - Austin, TX, United States. Stone patio and pergola built in Georgetown Tx by Austin Yard Builder masonry contractor.

Patio Stone

Here are some of the FAQ’s people have when they are thinking to build an outdoor living.

– How much will it cost me to build a patio stone in Austin Texas? The average price is $15 to $30 but it depends on how you want to build it…stone, materials, there are a lot of things that can affect the price. However, we will design you the right one that fits in your budget and your needs.

    – How do I design my outdoor living area? The best way to design your outdoor living area is thinking of the landforms, budget, and your outdoor activities.

    – What kind of flagstone is the best for my patio stone? There is a full variety of flagstone to pick from in Austin,Texas; therefore, any flagstone that you like and matches the color of your house or something close to it will be good option. Saw cut stone, natural stone, brick, stone paves, concrete stamp can also be use to build your patio.

Photo of Austin Yard Builder Masonry Contractor - Austin, TX, United States. Austin patio stone

Oklahoma Flagstone Patio and Limestone Benches

           – Can I lay flagstone on top of existing concrete?

Yes you can, I belive the best way to prevent cracks is laying the stone on top of concrete. Unless you doing dry construction, in that case you can use road base or cursed granite. One thing I recommend when you doing a dry patio construction is to build a retaining wall around your patio to keep all the materials in place when it rains.

    – What size of flagstone do I need for my patio? If your doing a dry construction you need to use 2 to 3 inches of thick stone;on the other hand, if you laying stone on concrete you can use a 1 inch to 2 inches of thick stone.

    -How long it will take me to build a flagstone patio? If your try to do it by yourself it depends on your construction skills. If you decide to hiring  a contractor it will approximately take two weeks for 200 to 500 sq feet.

    -How do I keep my flagstone patio clean? Once you are finish with your patio stone construction let it dry for one to two days and then use Home depot or Lowe’s stone cleaner to remove mortar and dust on the stones.Let it dry again for a day and then the next day it will be ready for you to apply the stone sealer. I recommend you to apply stone sealer every six months.

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