Austin Fireplace Contractor

Fireplaces can be a great addition to an outdoor area. In the winter months a fireplace can provide warmth to the space, allowing homeowners to still be able to use their outdoor patios.

Fireplaces are a great attention grabber for an outdoor space, making a great statement and untimely pulling together the entire space. There are many different looks that can be achieved depending on the way the Fireplace is designed.

First, as always, the homeowner should decide what primary stone they’d want. By choosing a stone, from there the homeowner is able to build a color pallet based off the overall feel they want coming from the fireplace.

Then it is time to sketch up designs for the Stone Fireplace. The Fireplace can be made to stand alone and be the focal point of a wall, or it can be accented by choosing to put side additions (such as walls, or log storage) to create a defined side/area of the outdoor space for the stone fireplace.
From then on, it’s all about the details. A homeowner can decide to put accents lights on either side of the fireplace, to help balance the natural light coming from the stone fireplace in the outdoor space. Another way to add to a fireplace, is by adding a mantle – whether it be a stone one, wood one, etc. This simple feature will help visually create a separation between the firebox, or lower part of the fireplace, and the chimney area of the fireplace. In doing so, the homeowner can go back and place decorations on the mantle to personalize the stone fireplace. Additionally, a homeowner can choose to also add a TV to the upper part of the fireplace, and furthermore help define the fireplace as a focal point – pointing outdoor furniture towards the TV.

Aside from the adding value to a home and adding a visually appealing element to and outdoor living space, stone fireplaces add to the outdoor living experience. Stone fireplaces add an element of warmth to the outdoor space, allowing for homeowners to be able to fully utilize their fireplace in the colder winter months. They’re great for making s’more and creating atmosphere where bonding takes place.

With 10+ years of experience as stone masonry contractors in Austin, we are sure to deliver homeowners stone fireplace designs that will fit their everyday lifestyle and will last them for years to enjoy.